Lemon-Pineapple Marmalade: Recipe for a Rainy Day{18}

Lemon-Pineapple Marmalade lemon-pineapple marmalade on toast I’m not sure what the impetus is, perhaps a Northwest sky determined to drop a snow-rain mix, or one too many Facebook friends sharing albums of tropical beaches, but I need a little sunshine. Not a lot mind you, but just enough to jump start me on this gray flannel day.

When winter weather and mental outlook are tanking, I turn to the pantry to retrieve some sunshine in a jar, specifically my homemade lemon-pineapple marmalade.

RECIPE: Lemon-Pineapple Marmalade


  • 1 ripe pineapple
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • sprig of rosemary (optional)


  1. Pineapple: remove skin and core
  2. Pineapple: dice into bite-size chunks
  3. Lemons: zest each lemon
  4. Lemons: cut in half, slice thinly, remove seeds
  5. Layer fruits in sugar in nonreactive jam-making pan
  6. Leave overnight
  7. Add a sprig of rosemary (optional)
  8. Simmer gently until mixture is thick, stirring regularly
  9. Remove rosemary
  10. Jar up jam, seal, and place in water bath for 10 minutes

Things to love about this recipe:

  • Lemons and Pineapple are in season at the same time
  • Nice mix of sweet and sour
  • Jam sets up nicely without need for pectin
  • Easy to make
  • Delicious and unusual combination

I’m especially fond of lemon-pineapple marmalade with cream cheese on toast, but butter works, too. (How’s that for a backup plan.) If that’s not decadent enough for you, I mix 1 cup of jam with one egg and 1 cup of milk to make a great little mini-tart filling. And while sunshine is absent from the forecast, I always have an emergency ray or two tucked away in the pantry for such rainy days (and hunger pangs).

lemon-pineapple marmalade