Two Peaches Are Better Than One{12}

Indian Free Peach Harvest: One for Each Hand
2009_10_06_blog_Indian_free_peaches  In a month where plump pumpkins take center stage, green tomatoes consume counter space faster than we consume them, and wet leaves hitch a ride on unsuspecting soles, I awaited the finale of one of summer’s finest players, my Indian Free peach tree.

Between spring rains, high winds, lowly squirrels, unfailing gravity and deer that were anything but, only two peaches remained to bless the tree.  Not wishing to tempt fate,  or ignore the skills of said squirrels, I proudly picked the peaches and rushed to the kitchen before the deer got wind.

I let the peaches ripen under a light cloth for a few days, as Indian Free peaches while delectable ripe, will turn your mouth inside out if not. It’s a pucker worthy of the lime.

Days later, they did not disappoint, and were a fitting farewell to a summer favorite with its foothold in fall.

Last year's Indian Free peaches were unusually crimson

Last year the Indian Free peaches were unusually crimson, but just as sweet when left to ripen on their own time.

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