Vashon Strawberry Festival: What’s Not to Love?{13}

Luana Beach kids on their float for Strawberry FestivalWhen it comes to the Vashon Strawberry Festival (going strong since 1909), islanders reside in two camps: those who love it and those who hate it. My tent is tethered to the first camp. (I have my suspicions that the other camp may also prefer handshakes to hugs, avoid puppies and Popsicles, and be quick to profess they never watch TV. Just a theory.)

Sure we import the requisite carnie folk, funnel cakes and midway rides to the island, but Strawberry Festival is really more about the homegrown events and venues unique to Vashon. You can run the other way or you can embrace the crowds, craziness and corndogs. Umm, deep-fried food on a stick…I choose the latter.

Why I love Vashon Strawberry Festival.

1.  It’s an event where farming is fashionable.

Strawberry Festival: Porsche tractor and its glamorous driver

2.  I get to shore up some bragging rights.

Vashon Strawberry Festival Jam Contest

2. The talents of neighbors and friends are on parade.

Strawberry Festival: Everyone Loves a Parade

3.  Shimmying and shaking take center stage.

Vashon Strawberry Festival dancing in the streets

5.  Street dance fever takes over downtown (thanks to the Portage-Fill Harmonic and Captain Dick and the Portholes (though cameras should not be allowed).

Strawberry Festival Street Dance

6. Nice rides rule the road.

Nice Chevy in Strawberry Festival car parade

7.  You’re hard-pressed to find any strawberries (raspberries are another story).

gold and red raspberries

8.  And probably the best reason of all, the company can’t be matched.

Strawberry Festival Activities include:

  • Saturday Street Dances
  • Grand Parade
  • Classic Car Parade
  • Vashon Artists in Ober Park
  • Kid’s Carnival
  • Beer Garden, Wine and Jazz Fusion
  • Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast
  • Bill Burby Fun Run
  • The Fireman’s Water Challenge
  • And a whole lot of great Music
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