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Vashon Beaches Call: Perfect Day to Take a Dip

Vashon Beaches Call: Perfect Day to Take a Dip

Beach at Tramp Harbor, Vashon Island, WashingtonMt. Rainier tops the view of Tramp Harbor and Maury Island.

Summer showed up yesterday with a hearty and heated hello. With temperatures on the island reaching 95 degrees, Boz hit the pool, Gracie found some shade and I pondered taking a plunge in Puget Sound. My only complaint about Vashon Island is the absence of Lake Washington, undeniably Seattle’s best place to cool off.

It’s ironic that I live on an island and there’s really no place to swim. Let me rephrase that. There are places to swim, but with Puget Sound water temps rarely exceeding 53 degrees, the choices are limited.

Dockton Harbor, Vashon Island, Washington

While close to my house, Tramp Harbor and KVI beach (top photo) maintain water temperatures cold enough to make a baritone, a soprano. A longer drive takes me to Dockton Park beach where a four-mile inlet warms incoming tides just enough for me to keep my tenor status. Bracing, refreshing and the quickest cooldown known to man, a dip off  the dock can make all right with the world. My clumsy cannonball garnered high marks, claps and laughter from the younger crowd, a fine reminder that no matter what the age, keeping cool has nothing to do with looking cool.

As for Boz and Gracie, they opted to stay home (to forego the embarrassment) and save up energy for the refilling of the wading pool.

Bulldogs Boz and Gracie take a nap in the heat of day


  1. We’re still waiting for the heat to arrive here in Waldport. The warm air went right over us – it’s foggy, cool and perfect soup weather!

  2. Sorry to hear that June. I spent a weekend one August in Lincoln City, where I never saw the ocean due to dense fog. Right over the coastal mountains and it was a blazing 100 degrees.

  3. Dawn, Heather…you got a wag and a wiggle out of Boz & Gracie, no doubt the bulldog equivalent of thank you for the kind words, a sentiment I share with you as well (just no wag or wiggle).

  4. VASHON NEEDS A LAKE. You are so correct. Or, you can always decide to install that pool. You will be the most popular person in central Vashon.

    Well now that I think of it, you probably already are. 🙂


    ps. hope to see you at the festival!

  5. Hilarious shot of the two dogs!
    It is ironic that a place so photogenically beautiful would have cold water temperatures! I love a good swim but my body can only take above 80 degree temps!

  6. These pictures are beautiful! And I agree with the Puget Sound “complaint” re: areas to swim! Around here it’s just too darn cold to muster up enough courage and get wet! 🙂


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