The Beauty of Gratitude: Thank You{26}

Boz Santa Baby

Handsome Boz embodied the spirit of Christmas spirit everyday. (Lightmark Press)

My year has been marked by the loss of my two favorite furballs: Boz and Gracie. But my year has also been marked by the exceptional, generous and heartfelt remarks, condolences, considerations and well wishes of many of you here on this blog. And for that I thank you. By global standards, my daily gifts are enviable, from simple things like fresh water, and a roof over my head, to the safety net of a giving community, to the love of my family and friends, to beauty of the island where I live.

My wish each day, is that I never take this for granted, that when I flip a switch, there is light, and I marvel; that when I pick up a phone, and say, “Good morning,” to my Mom a coast away, I thank my lucky stars; that when I hurt, I am consoled; that when I plant a seed, it grows; that when I tell a story, it may move a soul to laughter. My gratitude does not end there, for here on my blog, I feel the kindness of new and old friends through the wonder of technology and a little storytelling, and again, I sincerely thank you for that gift.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.


If I may leave you with my thank you in photos, and some of the things that bring me joy and will hopefully touch your heart or make you smile as well.


Dahlia Adagio: Nature’s rich dance

In a clutch:

In a clutch: colorful little miracles

sometimes you have to spell it out

Sometimes you just have to spell it out.


Pie-partisan: a line is drawn.

My favorite

My favorite spring time view

tulips and bulldgos

Boz and Gracie channeling their inner Vermeer ( a favorite photo of mine)