An Apple a Day Keeps the Veterinarian Away{16}

Boz the bulldog case of Bramleys Seedling Apples

Boz in a self-induced apple coma.

Yesterday I picked from two of my favorite apple trees: Bramley’s Seedling and Belle de Boskoop. Each orchard youngster yielded about 20 pounds (or one case each) of crisp, tart, fresh-eating, sauce-making, pie-ready apples. As you can see from my string of adjectives, they are exceptional all-purpose apples.

Belle de Boskoop apple tree

My Belle de Boskoop apple tree seems to be a biennial producer, and a natural self-thinner, dropping the runt apples early in the season.

I am not alone in my love of apples; Boz and Gracie are also keen consumers of all things pomological. ย When we all started eating a little lighter, and I began switching out their dog biscuits for apple slices, there was no turning back. Boz and Gracie became fresh fruit connoisseurs and canine apple scouts. My furry foragers found every old, new and wild apple tree on the property and gorge themselves on windfall fruit. (Now if I could just harness their gas as a household heating fuel, the circle would be complete.)

bulldog under the apple tree

Boz sniffs out the fallen apple, dispatches it quickly, and without a trace of evidence. A few seconds to digest it all, and then on to the next apple.

As dog breeds go, I would venture to say an English Bulldog is a veterinarian’s favorite patient. Sure they’re cute, cuddly and comical, but for a seasoned vet, one bulldog represents a week of helicopter skiing in Aspen simply on skin care charges alone. As you know I have two bulldogs, so when I walk through the door with Boz and Gracie, and see him smile, I wonder will our visit be funding a time-share in Kona, or a down payment on a Paris apartment?

bulldogs in the apple orchard

Lucky for me, Boz and Gracie have been relatively healthy bullies. I attribute it to at least one apple a day, a couple belly rubs, naps as needed, and a whole lot of love. ย Come to think of it, that’s my regimen for keeping healthy and happy, too.

washington state apples Bramleys

An apple a day…