Behind the Tall Clover Curtain{39}

bulldogs in my truckBoz and Gracie glaring, their mugs say it all. “Dude, would it kill you to clean out the truck” And yes, those are potatoes growing in the back next to the vase full from two days of torrential rains. (Hash browns to go!)

A friend has taken to chiding me about my edited life as presented here on Tall Clover Farm. Her favorite line, “You don’t see that on your blog.” is both endearing and a wee bit grating at the same time. I reply, “No one wants to see my junk drawers or stacked dirty dishes.” To which she challenges, “Oh don’t they Tom, don’t they?”

Blogs are curious things, and they do present life in a rarified way as an edited version of all that is going on. I get it.  In fact, there are a couple of sites I visit for the sheer purpose of being annoyed. I ask myself how do they do it? As if each morning a flurry of buntings dresses them, and coffee brews in a French press delivered by the French press. Harvesting grapes is easy, especially when all of the farmhands have fallen from the pages of Abercrombie and Fitch. The wine practically makes itself. Each dinner is a six-course Babette’s Feast, and the house, make that chateau, is always spotless and well-appointed.  They leave a couple notes and doodles on a napkin, and it’s discovered by a rep at Harper Collins who wants them to write a cookbook and host a cooking show.  A simple farm bouquet is an armload of homegrown, blackspot-free roses and softball-size dahlias that look incredible in the eighteen-century sterling urn they found at the neighbor’s garage sale for 25 cents. Yep, life edited, indeed.

So rest assured, life on the farm is pretty real, a litany of projects unrealized and chores ignored. Toss in some dog-based distractions, neighborly interruptions, a pinch of procrastination and indecision, and too few hours in the day. Something we all understand and share. So here’s to all the cluttered closets, dusty to-do lists and sinks with last night’s dishes piled high. Oh yeah, we’ve got better things to do.

Let me offer this encouragement; you are not alone.

Pumpkinhead As you can see, I am easily distracted. (Ooooh look, something shiny!)

tarp roof barn The good news: I re-roofed the barn last spring

old shop barnThe bad news: roof on, spring cleaning will hopefully happen in October.

bulldog in the dahliasBoz in the dahlia field,  pointing out that the weeds are taking over.

greenhouse beginning to grow

The greenhouse was not built in a day. I hope to finish it up in the next few days, adding side wall roller bars and venting transoms on the side walls.

Indian free peachOne peach out of eight peach trees; cold spring rains result in poor pollination and fruit set.

lattice top peach pieOkay, well that’s enough of that, now back to showing off. May I interest you in some Peach pie? (Peaches courtesy of the Washington State Fruit Commission.)