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  1. Wondering how your garrya oaks are doing in their constellation planting from last year?
    I’m looking forward to planting one of these oaks soon and hoping for success.

    • Colleen, I’m so disappointed in the outcome. Because the water source was a bit of a hike away, I failed to water them adequately, and our . And seriously dry summers over the last several years didn’t help. As a result they were in shock and never recovered, and this from a native oak. In fact this year the rain was so absent that my 100-year-old maple dropped half its leaves in August. The 50-year-old maple dropped all its leaves and I fear my Mt. Fuji Flowering cherry tree may have died back substantially. It was all I could do to keep my orchard trees alive. I’ll try again but will plant the oaks in the fall so the roots become established during our rainy season. Thanks for asking. They are a majestic and worthy tree, do plant one, do! I may just plant one as a replacement for a big spreading specimen tree, and baby it until I know it can handle the changing climate on its own.


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