If These Walls Could Talk…

Sweet New Job for an Old Sugar Bowl

One morning when coffee had no effect on coaxing my eyes open and the kitchen counter engaged in its normal trickery by retreating two...

The Man, the Cake Tin and the Ferry Ride

My mom jokes with me about the number of potlucks I attend. She's right, it's the way of my people. Islanders are a social...
fig and ginger jam

Figs in a Jam… Fig and Ginger Jam

Happy Couple: Fig and Ginger JamFig and ginger jam: too delicious and simple not to make I've had a life of traveling. Some voluntary (Buon...

In My Book, V Is for Vashon

I've written my first book. (Tom Robbins and Sherman Alexie have nothing to worry about.) V Is for Vashon is a sweeping tale, covering everything from...
makah ozette potato

Makah Ozette Potato: Hash Browns With a History

Plants that taste good have legs (and in some cases wings). If they strike our palate's fancy, the world becomes their oyster (or serving dish...
fighter pilot F100

Memorial Day: What a Child Remembers

Proud to serve his country, my father was a quiet man more prone to holding his patriotism and service in his heart than wearing...
healthy three bean salad recipe

Three Bean Salad Recipe: Healthy, Simple, Fresh

Three Bean Salad Recipe Goes Fresh! Three bean salad is a side dish screaming for a makeover. This canned bean deli staple has the potential to sing not...
buff orpington feather

The Bold, Brief Life of Brown Betty

Sad news is a truth I'm wary of sharing, but my plucky hen Brown Betty deserves her day in the sun, and unfortunately a day in...

I Grow Dahlias, Dahlias Galore

Let's talk Dahlias! I try not to play favorites with flowers. Sure, a spring peony can unfurl seemingly unmatched, that is until I spot...
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Ordering Bareroot Trees: What to Expect

Mail-Order Trees: Who Would Have Thunk? Ordering bareroot trees is to Tom as ordering books is to Oprah. I love trees, especially unusual fruit trees, sometimes forgotten...

Buddy and His Climb to the Top

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bigleaf maple vashon island

A Foggy Day in Vashon Town

Fog has been a needy companion this week, hugging our island with a fervent embrace reminiscent of a hapless guest who doesn't understand personal...

Broadfork: Shake, Shimmy and Till!

Broadfork: my new best friend in the greenhouse There are gardening tools, and then, there are gardening tools. The Meadow Creature broadfork is definitely the...
best apricot jam

Apricot Preserves Recipe: Jam Making as Alchemy

This apricot jam recipe is golden on all levels, a mixture of simple ingredients creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  As my...



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