A Fitting Goodbye to Christmas Past

A week of celebrating, and a drizzly, slate-gray morning have led me to reflect on some of the small moments of this big season. Yep, some fond memories and a cuppa...
tall clover farm house

Thanksgiving 2020: Gratitude Is on the Menu

Darkness surrounds me right now, but I know light will prevail if I just wait patiently. My rooster Rufus reminds me of this notion,...
oriental lily

Lilies: How to Make Lily Flowers Last Longer

Boz and I share a love of lilies; me for its beauty and perfume; Boz for its vertical nature. Lilies, Oh Won't You Stay Just...

Potato Sausage Casserole: Embracing My Inner American Breakfast

Potato Sausage Casserole: Who wants breakfast? Farm fresh eggs have amazingly bright yolks. I had some friends over for breakfast last Sunday, the perfect occasion to...
Boz the bulldog case of Bramleys Seedling Apples

An Apple a Day Keeps the Veterinarian Away

My Bulldogs Boz and Gracie Love Apples! Yesterday I picked from two of my favorite apple trees: Bramley's Seedling and Belle de Boskoop. Each orchard...

Orcas: When Delight Swims By, Look Up

No Orcas in sight...yetMost ferry trips are uneventful--spectacular, but uneventful. Some riders will stumble out of their cars to fetch a refill for the...

Love From Scratch: Adam, Megan and Snapdragon Bakery

A short walk down the road from me, in a house just as charming as its residents, Megan and Adam live a love story that...

Greenmantle Nursery: Vintage Apples off the Beaten Path

In my neverending quest to cover every square inch of Tall Clover with anything that bears fruit, I stumbled across a remarkable site: Greenmantle Nursery...

I Grow Dahlias, Dahlias Galore

Let's talk Dahlias! I try not to play favorites with flowers. Sure, a spring peony can unfurl seemingly unmatched, that is until I spot...
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quince marmalade jam

Quince Marmalade Is a Gem of a Jam

Quince (Cydonia oblonga) are the unsung stars of my autumn larder, each resting like an artful still life awaiting a transformative trip to the kitchen. The beefy little orbs...

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I Planted a Tree for Someone’s Tomorrow

In the summer, I begin my morning with a walk about the property, coffee cup in hand, bulldog in tow, boots adrip with dew. Daylight does...

Vashon Snow Globe: Mother Nature Shakes It Up

Vashon Snow Day! Royal Grevillea's silvery sage leaves bending under the weight of winter white. Snow usually visits the maritime Northwest briefly and more in spirit...

Say “Good Morning,” Gracie…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57vwc3HPEdY?rel=0] (Double click image to start video) Good morning! I'm usually up at the crack 'o thirty, stumbling about the old house with a toothbrush...



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