Knitting Up an Awesome Bulldog

I like surprises, not the kind that make you pee in your pants, and seek therapy and tubs of Haagen Dazs, but the sort that delight...

The Snapshot That Cost Me My Lunch

I had to take a trip "off-island" for some special wire fencing that was nowhere to be found "on-island." After adding a quart of...
Goose egg, Duck egg, chicken egg

Duck, Duck, Goose…Chicken and the Egg

Behold the incredible, edible egg...I love fresh eggs, unfortunately raccoons love fresh chickens. After a four-year assault on my chicken coop, the masked bandits...

Growing Carrots in a Container

I usually stay away from gimmicky gardening tips, the ones fraught with the requisite hoop-jumping to pick a mere peapod or pull a pound of...
large fir board

Travel Log: Big Board, Small Question

One Gigantic Fir Board to Go, Please... While searching for fir floor boards at Forest Stewards mill yard, I came across the most amazing rough-cut...
Madrona sunrise, snowy morning on Vashon Island

A Winter Guest Is Obliged to Stay

  Morning light meets last night's snow Last night as I returned home from the south end of the island, the snow was falling with a grace and...

Team Veteran: It Is a Family Affair

My father is no longer with us, but the honor of this day is justly served in remembering him with admiration, respect and love,...

5 Things I Learned This Week: Entry 1

Lesson 1: Early mornings can be magical. The clock reveals an early hour, and yet I feel rested. Birds court through song. Boz snores deeply...

Strawberry Rhubarb: The Fred and Ginger of Jam

Strawberry Rhubarb Romance in a Jam In the world of preserves (and pie), spring's star couple is strawberry rhubarb. One's sweet, one's sour, both show...
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How to Prune Raspberries: Instructions, Photos, and a Video

Fallgold raspberry: a sachet of sweet and delectable perfume. Behold, the raspberry, the gold standard by which I judge other berries whether planted in my...

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Taylor’s Pink Perfection: Camellia or Lipstick Color?

Nature doles out some amazing colors. When my Taylor's Pink Perfection camellia began to bloom for the first time, I found its blush exuberant,...

Jonny Awesome and His Truck of Christmas Trees

Jon can do anything, a pronouncement I believe wholeheartedly. During a recent house project requiring his help, Jon or Jonny Awesome as I liked...

Greenmantle Nursery: Vintage Apples off the Beaten Path

In my neverending quest to cover every square inch of Tall Clover with anything that bears fruit, I stumbled across a remarkable site: Greenmantle Nursery...



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