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Orcas: When Delight Swims By, Look Up

Orcas: When Delight Swims By, Look Up

No Orcas in sight…yetWashington State ferry Issaquah interiorMost ferry trips are uneventful–spectacular, but uneventful. Some riders will stumble out of their cars to fetch a refill for the commute. Others will stake claim to their favorite booth and collect conversations from eager ears and willing hearts. And still a few will take advantage of the twenty minute crossing for a needed catnap, email update or to dust off a daydream.Where's the Orca? Clouds dominate the horizon, waves crest northward, gulls catch a free ride and our little community on the high seas sails on. Day in, day out and in each direction, life and lives pulse to the rhythm of the ferry schedule.

Orcas breaching on the Vashon Island runA Southern Resident orca enjoys a salmon lunch.

And then some days, when least expected, delight chases our wake, performs a quick flip and punctuates the moment as a welcome reminder of just how special this place is we call home. Orcas equal delight and magic around here.


  1. I loved this post. I liked it as much as your “Dinner and a Show” post. What a great commute you have (sometimes).

  2. Hello Tom, I found you through a comment you made on Ina’s blog. What lovely photos, and a really beautiful title too. I look forward to checking in – your new life sounds just perfect to me. Regards

  3. I was on the 9:25 boat to the city yesterday (sitting in my car) when the captain announced “Orcas on the starboard side!” People lept out of their cars like it was a firedrill (me included). We are blessed whenever they appear!

  4. Amazing! Having moved here from Nebraska a few years ago, I still have intense moments of “I can’t believe I get to live here!”…sometimes at the most random times…but that would certainly have triggered the feeling 🙂

  5. Loved this post and the pics! We’re taking a cruise to Alaska in July and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see such delightful views and maybe some whales!

  6. Great photo! We saw a group of orcas (including a little one) on the north end of Vashon from the water taxi on Wed. Everyone smooshed over to the port side windows to see. It was amazing!

  7. This beautifully written post reminds me of my years living on Balboa Island in California, where the ferry is connecting it to the Newport Beach peninsula. Beautiful as well but yours is wilder and that sighting is exhilarating.

  8. Fantastic! I have never seen anything but birds on the trip 🙁 even though once the captain said there were porpoises and everyone went rushing outside. Maybe I should pay more attention…

  9. That is spectacular. It’s probably equivalent to seeing elk or antelope up close, out here in Montana. (Deer are too common to remark upon, and in some places, too pesky.) Anyway, good job with the camera!


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