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Morning Has Broken, and Time Is a Wastin’

Morning Has Broken, and Time Is a Wastin’

pink oriental poppies in the earl morning light

 Pink oriental poppies capturing the first light of day

I get up at the crack o’thirty to begin my commute into civilization from the island, an odyssey that cross-utilizes every form of transportation known to man (at least in King County): my beater truck (the shortest leg of the trip), a Metro bus, a Washington State Ferry, and a county vanpool. In the darkness of winter it really can seem like a journey to the River Styx , but in summer, um, um summer, it is a magic show of haunting beauty and changing light.

So this morning, on my way to said vehicles and long commute, I was halted by a particularly arresting play of light as the sun broke. Pretty to me is like shiny to a crow.  Did I have time to: (1) run back into the house to grab my camera; (2) remind B&G I had only been gone for 12 seconds while reassuring them that indeed I would return; (3) bribe them with a biscuit; (4) lock up again; (5) capture the moment with my Canon ELPH; and (6) still make the bus –my key domino in the adventure that is my daily commute. As you can see, I did; but that is only thanks to Alexis, the best (and sweetest) bus driver in the world who kindly keeps an eye out for any frazzled commuters in beater gray trucks.

Evening Sun on Porch Vashon Island

 And this time of year, the sun is obliged to follow me home.

(Fringetree: Chioanthus Virginicus  in foreground)

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  1. Ah, that’s peach my friend, not pink. I had no control of the house color: Tuscan Sunset, apparently it was a volume purchase from a mixing gone awry

  2. I shop the unfortunate color shelf at Home Depot and use the darker colors as a first coat over the primer. If the surface is particularly distressed (think 1932 rental property) I’ll add whiting to thicken it up. I use Sherwin Williams “Duration” an extremely long lasting but pricey paint for a single finish coat.

  3. Nice paint tip my friend, as I do love the truly one coat step. My upstairs hallways await the painting of five doors and related trim. I’m not moving too quickly on that. Downstairs the livingroom is enjoying a summer look of primer white …for now and maybe for later.


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