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Tall Clover Farm Photos du Jour

Tall Clover Farm Photos du Jour
All my peaches in one basket
roasted pepper chopping board
“Some Like It Hot!”

I am basically a crow with a camera. My photography isn’t planned or staged, unless it’s instructional or to provide an example, but for the most part I stumble upon the object or moment, and then the kitchen timer goes off in my head, and I hear an encouraging inner voice assert, “Wow, that would make a great photo.” Yep, that is my complicated, painstaking process, alright.

I love photography and I’m fortunate enough to enjoy the friendship and to witness the skill of some seriously wonderful photographers on the island. Their images never fail to delight or intrigue or deliver awe and wonder in a moment captured through their eye and lens. Some lean toward the humanity of portraiture, others to the grandeur of Mother Nature, and still others to the magic of everyday. Take a look at their dreamy portfolios in the links below:

This month I have a photography show hanging at our island’s beloved Cafe Luna, where I feature my favorite subjects and images befitting the bright, in-your-face colors and dazzlers of summer—no broody pics here as we’ve got eleven other months for that. As for subject matter, well…

  • If it’s a pie, I baked it.
  • If it’s a flower, I grew it.
  • If it’s a bulldog, I loved it.

Here’s a sampling of photos from my show. May they bring a smile or a little sunshine to your day, at least before autumn leads us in another direction.

Tall Clover Farm Photos

English bulldog's bottom
“Do these markings make my butt look big?”
English bulldog's bottom
“Last one in is a rotten egg.”


“Some folks are like pies; crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside.”


basket of peaches
“All My Peaches in One Basket”


fresh pie dough
“Blank Canvas”


lattice top pie crust
“My Crust Runneth Over…”


madrona roses
“Summer Dream”


Compassion Rose
“Compassion at the Garden Gate”


napping bulldog on porch
“Naps are essential”


  1. I’m a crow with a camera too and recently posted on FB my ubiquitous tomato pics. Dreamy portfolios are all well and good, but sometimes basic subject matter of I baked it, I grew it, I loved it trump all. Especially I loved it

  2. Yours are best because they’re candid. Nicely framed and straight from the heart. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve posted.

    • V, you know the great thing is, now with digital photography and smartphones, you can experiment with a lot of images for the price of a click of the finger. Experimentation is a fun part of the process. Thanks for the hugs from you AND the Furry Gang.

  3. Love your photos and you have a lovely garden. I don’t have any pets now – I couldn’t take the suffering of the broken heart when it came time to say goodbye. I’m a wimp.
    I have Mrs Duck x 2 who bring their little families to bobble about in the puddles left by the constant rain we have been experiencing of late – but by the time I have rushed for the camera there are only tails on show, heads buried deep in the water!! I have lovely birds that flitter about in my trees, I rush for the camera – they’re gone. Mr (very handsome) Cock Pheasant and his retiring wife come to visit in the evenings – camera shy or I’m not quick enough. Also I’m not the greatest photographer but it is fun trying to get that unforgettable image. Maybe I’ll manage it one day.
    Pictures of the food turn out lovely. 🎉😀 Love your stories!

    • Mary, your words are like photographs, I can envision your earnest pursuit of a great picture. In describing it, you’ve created a wonderful set of images. Thank you for the visit and the kind words.

  4. Tom,
    Thanks for the blog post…a great piece to read as I head out on a trip at the end of the month…but also for the pic of Compassion. I rooted a bunch of rose sticks this year, not seeing the flower, but trusting in the selection nonetheless. Compassion is among them, and now 2018 might bring my garden some of those luscious blooms! What do you feed your roses for such a show? All best from Pat & the 4-Foots

    • Hi Pat, I feed my roses composted chicken manure. And if it’s fresh, I just top dress around the rose bush and time and rain will do their magic to work it into the soil without burning the roots. I have chickens so it’s any choice. 😉 Compassion is my favorite all-around rose; it has fragrance, disease resistance, and lasting power in a vase. Mine has never gotten mildew or black-spot. Good luck! Thank for the kind words, Tom

  5. My favorites are “All My Peaches in One Basket” and “Blank Canvas”! I can imagine “Peaches” hanging on my living room wall, for sure.

    Congratulations in the gallery showing – I may just nip over Commencement Bay and stop by Cafe Luna to view your photographs in person.

    Say Hi to Buddy and reassure him that no, his markings do not make his butt look big. Love the cowlicks!

    • Thanks Margaret for your interest in the show. It will be up through the Oct 4. And Buddy appreciates your unbiased opinion about his markings. Let me know if you make the trip over.

  6. Oh, Tom, I can’t wait to see your show! As with all you do, it is always full of love and laughter. Your photos give us a little view into your amazing life here on Vashon. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

    • Thanks Kari, I so agree, we do live in a wonderful place, chockablock with wonderful people. 😉 Thanks for the thoughtful comments, I really appreciate it.

  7. Please do NOT take this as a suggestion, but you’ve penned a great epitaph there: “. . .baked/grew/loved. . .” So reassuring to see that your baking pans look like mine! Can’t wait to see more ‘crow photos’ and heart words. This week I’m experimenting with your peach ripening method.

    • Karen, I love it! Let me try it on for long out future use: Tom, he baked, he grew, he loved. Yep that will work. Let me know how the peaches go. I recently bought a case that took over 7 days to ripen into juicy sugar bombs. I’ve been eating a lot of peaches!

  8. hey Tom – a couple of notes about your photographer links: John Anderson’s site appears to be down (suspended?), and the link for Mary & Terry is going to Kent Phelan’s site.

  9. Hi, Tom, Just voicing what others have said – a lovely way to start off a Saturday morning. I looked at some of the other photographers and their work is truly wonderful, but I prefer the down-home earthiness of yours. I love the “Blank Canvas” and especially when it’s hung right next to the yummy looking finished canvas! Buddy looks as contented as he ought to in your tender care – I’ve never understood that expression “A dog’s life.”

  10. Wow, I have noticed that the photos that accompany your posts are rather well composed, so you being a slave to the “ooh I’ve gotta get that shot!” Impulse explains it 😄

    Nice to see another post so soon, I really liked the last one “no algorithm for beauty” as well. The sentences were poignant and lucid, and you know what? During your informal mini hiatus from posting, I (addicted to things northwest, I’ll be there within 3 weeks for sure!) browsed your abundance of older posts, and found some real gems. I read about the Veuve Clicquot and the lesson it carried, the power outage, several about Christmases past, and prepping winter squash for their greatest possible becoming, incredible pie (having seen the lineup of heirlooms you grew I feel certain you are familiar with Amy Goldman’s stunning photo book “The Compleat Squash” which surely made me want to grow and eat squash like nothing before or since (growing Triamble is a must next year, so curious), and sparked my love of the Baker Creek seed catalog.) And after reading what I did, I say you must be my favorite living writer, especially one that is still producing. So please keep it up, you are appreciated, but don’t worry if blogger’s block hits for weeks or months, there is so much here for your audience to look back on. I even click on the ads to support TCF! 😄
    Ok! See ya

    • Oh man, Forrest, what a wonderful shot in the arm! Such generous words, thank you! As you sensed I was just a little off my game in wanting to write. I’d start a new post and then be distracted by, well, anything. So sometimes I just have to wait until the spirit moves me. And this time it was a good stretch. My summer days are easily disposed to the outdoors, so my keypad gathers dust and toast crumbs, as does my interest to sit indoors. As fall rains approach, my kitchen nook becomes a glorious writer’s retreat from the inclement weather, while still allowing a window the seasons’ moods and indulges. So thanks for having faith Forrest and checking out some archives and reruns. And again, thank you for your most kind-hearted words.

  11. I so thoroughly enjoyed seeing your beautiful images at Cafe Luna. I took the kids with me and they were delighted, especially with the photos of Buddy! The connection between you two is beyond words. It truly makes my heart happy that you are capturing these moments and sharing them with us. BTW -I definitely want my own print of Buddy’s behind. And thank you for the shout out!

  12. Your posts always arrive with a welcome breath of fresh clean beautiful air. They are a treasure and well worth revisiting any number of times. Thanks for taking the time to sit down and create this. I suspect it gives some much needed simple good beauty to more than a few people in need.

  13. Hey Tom–
    I wanted to share a site with you–it’s artwork instead of photographs, but I think it will be right up your alley (or, perhaps, right up your island). Her work reminds me of your photos:
    She also has that wonderfilled PNW vibe going on.

    Hope to get over to see your show at C. Luna; I haven’t been on a ferry for years (’cause I live here), and this looks like a very good excuse to take a short ride, on a big boat.*

    “Well, he says he’s got a big boat
    A high roller
    And everybody knows its name
    Oh, it’s a big boat
    And it pumps up the poor boy’s pride
    Says he’s got a big boat
    But it’s just a ferry boat
    And that makes for a short, short ride…”

    M. Ward’s song, Big Boat


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