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60 Second Film Festival: Magic by the Minute

60 Second Film Festival: Magic by the Minute

My entry to the 60 Second Film Festival: Green-Bean-Eating Bulldogs*

There’s a song I often listen to, one where the melody soothes and the lyrics lead me to a few daydreams and thoughtful escapes. Ideas Are Like Stars, written and performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter, explores ideas and the wonder of the mind’s eye — something I also pondered just last Saturday when I attended the 60-Second Film Festival at the Vashon Theatre. With a lineup of 45 one-minute films, brilliant ideas lit up the screen. Each 60-second film was like a cheeky little peep show exposing the creative mind; but more importantly as an event, the film festival was pure, unadulterated fun—waving-a-sparkler fun…running-through-sprinkler fun…seeing-fireflies-for-the-first-time fun.

Film festival impresario Matt Lawrence created a delightful family friendly event from a simple idea of engaging the community. He started the film festival “as a way to get interesting and creative people together to watch interesting and creative films —films that might not otherwise have been seen or made.” He adds, “I created this event because I like stories, and people, and free events.” And so do we Matt, so do we. 

Some films were local, and some transported us to faraway places. In a Paris cemetery the release of red balloons marked a sweetly sad remembrance. While reciting Macbeth, a budding thespian patiently endured the interruptions of a little (and equally adorable) brother. A time-lapse metamorphosis transformed a woman’s face into the story of life and death, and again, all in one minute. A wickedly clever entry exposed the trouble with time machines (as shown below).

I really tip my hat to Matt. He followed through on an idea that engaged the community and reached out to the world. He shared the magic with his friends, neighbors and family; and now he shares it with you. Do you have a story to tell, a minute of life that moves, delights, humors or confuses? Well, you have a year to dust of the camera and creative cobwebs, and conjure up your own idea, as the song says…

Ideas are like stars

They fall from the sky, they run round your head
They litter your sleep as they beckon
They’d teach you to fly without wires or thread
They promise if only you’d let them  

–Mary Chapin Carpenter

2014: 60 Second Film Festival Trailer

Sixty Second Film Festival 2013 from Matt Lawrence on Vimeo.

*special thanks to Richele Kuhlman for editing my video


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