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Best Way to Slice an Avocado

Best Way to Slice an Avocado

avocado halves

You’re likely thinking, “How to Slice an Avocado? Really Tom, really?” Trust me, I was reluctant to post this seemingly ridiculous tutorial, but I’ve had enough folks take note of my avocado slicing technique that I realized a public service announcement was in order.

The Best Way to Slice an Avocado (at least in my kitchen)

1. Select a ripe avocado, one that gives to pressure at the stem end of the fruit.
2. Cut lengthwise, rotating knife around large seed.
3. Gently twist each half in opposite directions to release the seed from one side.
4. Open up and behold the creamy green goodness.

avocado slice

5. Run the edge of a teaspoon lengthwise from top to bottom of the avocado half.
6. The action will remove the slice in one fell swoop.
7. Remove the peel-free slice with spoon.
8. Repeat until an empty shell remains.
9. Use the empty shell as a lid for the other half to keep the flesh from browning. Refrigerate.

avocado slice collage

A spoon works better than a knife as the curved bowl of the spoon acts like a plow share and separates both the edge and the bottom of the avocado slice, completely removing it from the fruit, seed and peel.

fresh avocado slice

Stay tuned for my next tutorials: how to make ice cubes and how to mail a letter.  😉


  1. I’d use a bigger spoon; hey did you ever grow avocados? our neighbor in Beirut has a tree that is at least 15 meters tall and filled with avocados and he claims they dont taste good; they are huge though.

    • Hi Joumana, I’m looking for some hardier varieties to grow in my greenhouse for the fun and novelty of it, oh yes and for the perfect BLAT sandwich…bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato. 😉


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