You Know It’s Autumn in the Northwest When…{11}

You know it’s autumn in the Northwest when…2009_10_06_blog_pumpkin

 Roses resemble wet tissues.2009_10_06_blog_rose

Hammocks allow for drop-ins.2009_10_15_blog_hammock

Tarps reach new architectural heights.2009_10_15_blog_tarp

Tomatoes give up the ghost.2009_10_15_blog_tomatoes

All eyes are on fresh-baked pies.2009_10_15_blog_pie

Wood is wet and tarps too few.2009_10_15_blog_woodpile

Sweet corn saves itself for an October plate.2009_10_16_blog_corn

And the leaves of summer signal winter’s long sleep with fiery goodbye. 2009_10_15_blog_grape

What I was blogging about a year ago: Turning a New Leaf on Chard