How to Build an Ikea Dresser (and Remain Sane){12}

how to build an ikea dresser

Behold! Assembly success.

In a weak moment, I was lured by the siren song of Ikea, by the promise of attractive, low-cost furniture flaunting itself (assembled, no less) in an endless maze of options and distractions.  I succumbed, packed a parcel of patience and a PB and J, and headed to the ferry for my all-day, off-island excursion to lovely Renton, Washington, home to Seattle’s Ikea.

Why the need to leave the bucolic bliss of  island life for the tangled mess of Seattle’s traffic and congestion? Ah grasshopper, that is a question I still ask myself today. At that moment, I was a wee bit delusional, thinking if I bought two dressers for my kitchen nook, I could repurpose them as attractive storage units for the times I actually wanted to enjoy the room for its intended use. That is, by stuffing any and all things littering the table into awaiting drawers, I could stake a claim on the bare surface as a nice place to a eat a meal. Imagine that.

By mid-maze, my blood sugar was low, and I felt my body lumbering, and teetering toward the folds of a futon sofa. And then, the waft of Swedish meatballs gave me the will to push on. Just a few more steps and lingonberries would be on my lips and gravy on my plate.  Satiated, and still determined determined to find the dresser of my organizational dreams, I pressed on. 

Not intending to make this story as convoluted and lengthy as the shopping aisles of Ikea, let me just say, I found my dandy dresser and his name was Hemnes.

Back on the island in the time it takes to fly cross-country, I stared at the two boxes, and thought, “A trip to Ikea, and furniture assembly should not take place on the same day. I’ll get a good night’s sleep.” The next morning the sun was out, the pups available for consultation, and the meatballs a distant digestive memory.

After making the first dresser, I felt some good had to come out of this entire exercise, so I made a video when I assembled the second dresser. So hopefully, my experience and how-to guide will keep you somewhat sane should you decide you too may need a dresser from Ikea, an assembled one.

Tom Demonstrates How to Build an Ikea Dresser


My eating nook before my laptop, books and papers annexed the room.


Look, a clear surface! I won’t tell you how long that lasted. 😉