Love From Scratch: Adam, Megan and Snapdragon Bakery{9}

Adam and Megan: Love at 350 degrees

Adam and Megan: Steaming up the kitchen.

A short walk down the road from me, in a house just as charming as its residents, Megan and Adam live a love story that I never tire of witnessing, basking in or admiring. As you pass through a cave of lofty conifers toward the front gate, the dogs announce your arrival well before the drop pin hits the latch. In the clearing, a storybook cottage stands as if plucked from the Cotswolds or the pages of a Beatrice Potter book. Every square inch says welcome, which comes as no surprise considering Adam and Megan call it home.

Further up the road just south of town, Megan and Adam share their love story with the rest of the world in their island eatery Snapdragon Bakery & Cafe. Yeasty goodness and simmering effusions envelop the room, and the open kitchen is filled with the spirited conversation between cooks and cookware. Not a place for skimpy or stingy serving sizes, I’m surprised the pastry case shelves don’t buckle under the weight of Adam’s creations. And while the baked goods and vegetarian cuisine shine brightly, they must also share double billing with the other stars of the establishment, Megan and Adam.

Tom deciding. Thank goodness Adam is a patient man

This is where I take all day to decide. Adam is a patient man.

Some places are purely business. You get the feeling that your contract with the counter staff is to order, eat, and get out. Snapdragon is different, very different. If Vashon Island has a living room or parlor, Snapdragon Bakery is it.  Adam and Megan have taken a space and brought it to life with a generosity, kindness and authenticity that spoils me on a regular basis. (I do like my pastries.)

Snapdragon, you had me a grilled cheese.

Snapdragon, you had me at grilled cheese. (photos: Snapdragon Bakery)

In the back, they’ve created an inviting garden patio for a weather condition we Pacific North Westerners rejoice in: not raining. And in a connecting space adjacent to the bakery, you’ll find another of their valentines to the community: Hastings Cone Gallery. I love this line from Adam, “We’re finally making use of our art education, which is, of course, the reason why we cook.”

Delicious on all levels

Delicious on all levels

And where there is food and art, let there be music, too. Megan and Adam welcome musicians to the Bakery Cafe regularly. Many a time I drop in for a bowl of soup and stay for a Saxophone solo. I grab sunflower seed bread to go, and then kill half the loaf an hour later after a set of Celtic tunes. In a world of fast food and power bars it’s nice to know there is a place where food brings great people, music and art together, and all without the diminishing effect of Wi-Fi.

Tom sandwich: my favorite menu item

Tom sandwich: my favorite menu item

Megan and Adam have a love story and I’m glad I know it. The day I sat on a straw bale and heard them say, “I do” I knew love would always be in the air and just down the street (not to mention in every croissant). Thank you for sharing your recipe for a joy, love, friendship and life.

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