Over the Pass to Apple Country

View from the Lancaster's apple and cherry orchard on the Columbia River. Last weekend, my friends Nancy and Scarlett invited me to a cider pressing...

Vashon Strawberry Festival: What’s Not to Love?

Strawberry Festival: Porsche tractor and its glamorous driver
When it comes to the Vashon Strawberry Festival (going strong since 1909), islanders reside in two camps: those who love it and those who hate...

Day One of the New Year: So Far, So Good

Madrona sunrise, snowy morning on Vashon Island
The new year has arrived and my slate is clean. I'm good as gold. After being up for an hour or two with some strong...

When Christmas Came to Vashon Island

Living on an island has its challenges, but it also has its rewards, revealing special moments that speak to the kinship of isolation and the...

A Fine Day to Be Thankful

May the distances that separate us be erased with each fond recollection, and the smiles and laughter of family and friends be captured in...

Setting the Table for Miss Olivia & Friends

 Miss Olivia does not regret she's able to lunch today, Madame. Last Sunday, Miss Olivia came to Vashon for brunch, Though our activities lead us to...

Anna & Ryan’s Wedding: Love Set Sail for Vashon Island

Anna & Ryan: The smiles say it all Yesterday, love came to rest on Vashon Island. That’s not to say it’s not hanging around our...