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Buddy the Bulldog: Reluctant Muse

As I've mention before, Buddy (my bulldog) pretty much runs my life. My stocky master and commander lets me know when he's ready to...

Buddy’s Little Sleepover

I have served at the pleasure of each and every one of my Bulldogs: Maggie, Gracie, Buddy and Boz. I am neither proud of...
Buddy the bulldog

Buddy and Tom: The Movie

Me and bulldogs, what can I say. I've always loved the breed, even as a toddler. My mother shares stories of me sitting for...
Buddy the bulldog

NWSAM: Buddy’s Hands-on Experience

Buddy, my bulldog is a lot of things: my top dog, my moment-to-moment muse, my unwitting comic, and my cherished companion; but lately Mr....

Bulldog Confidential: A Buddy Tell-All

The title Bulldog Confidential may be misleading, because nothing about my bulldog Buddy is hush-hush. He is a larger than life presence who lives...

Buddy: Bonvivant and Bulldog About Town

I don't hide my love of bulldogs. I gush, dote, kowtow, and cater to the charismatic clowns and heart melters wherever and whenever they...

Bringing Up Buddy

Our sorely-missed Sou'wester winds have returned to slog the island, hellbent on casting leaves like confetti, reviving moss to its rightfully green state, and painting each pane with raindrops and rivulets. The...
bulldog tug a war with Buddy

Bulldog Chronicles: Buddy and His Ottoman Empire

Buddy (my bulldog) and I have settled into a daily routine, one that succumbs to tweaks now and then, mostly based on who is willing to...

Buddy and His Climb to the Top

I'm an early riser, but this morning at 4:32 am, I was an earlier riser. A poorly set alarm clock named Buddy awoke me by bounding out...

Bulldog News: Buddy Is in the House

Bulldog News: First Edition! We just finished week two together, and Buddy and I are settling in quite nicely. Yes, the lovefest continues full throttle. Of...