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A Century Ago, My Farm Was for Sale

When My Farm Was for Sale... My farm house was built in 1888, when Washington was a territory and a year away from statehood. Just five...

Bachelor’s Jam: More About the Bachelor, Less About the Jam

Growing up in the South, I harbor many colorful recollections, though sometimes I fear my imagination may have muddied the archival waters and created my own...
Greenhouse grown beauties: dahlias, zinnias, and giant marigolds

My Greenhouse as Concert Hall

Not much to report on the farm this morning. The fall breeze is wending its way through every leaf and fern frond. Buddy paces...
basket of peaches

Tall Clover Farm Photos du Jour

I am basically a crow with a camera. My photography isn't planned or staged, unless it's instructional or to provide an example, but for...

No Algorithm for Beauty

Of the many distractions that cross my path or are delivered to my inbox (courtesy of the great worldwide interwebs), one actually caught my...
nectarine jam simmering

Nectarine Apricot Ginger Jam: Spicing Things Up!

Tommy's jam kitchen is a jammin' this summer, and with a fresh box of Washington State stone fruit beaming before me (courtesy of my...

Sweet Cherry Pickles: Flavorful Tickles

  I must confess, I get a very big kick out of an official moniker bestowed  upon me each year, or at least for as...

To Karin With Love

When I first met Karin, she was not in the room. I stood in her kitchen with my realtor, getting to know the woman...

A Garden Fountain That Whispers Water

As a card-carrying Aquarian (a.k.a. the water bearer), I take my garden fountain seriously, always fine-tuning and perfecting its placement and performance for both the...

Growing Peach Trees in the Pacific Northwest: It’s the Pits

Growing peach trees in the maritime Pacific Northwest is the pits. There I said it, because for thirteen long, relatively futile and fruitless years,...