The Kindness of Strangers 101{14}

Point Robinson Lighthouse Vashon IslandMt Rainier and Point Robinson Lighthouse on a clear day.

Have I mentioned I live on an island? Make no mistake, the little marker in the middle of Puget Sound where I live is very special to me, and I feel the journey to make it here was half the gift. Sometimes I gush enthusiastically about Vashon, others times I merely savor the moment with my mouth shut like I’m enjoying a rich creamy caramel all to myself.

Not everyone swoons over “The Rock,” a less than complimentary term I suspect a bored teen coined one day when his or her parents wouldn’t let them attend a party or concert in Seattle.  A place can be a prison for some, and a sanctuary for others. Peering over the fence at geezer-dom, I fall in the second camp. Seattle was a fine fling in my twenties, thirties and even forties; the city lavished me with fine entertainment, amazing restaurants and vibrant city living, but now I get my jollies from keeping bees, planting pumpkins, chopping wood, making pickles, shooting the breeze and bothering bulldogs. As my friend Leslie says, “Edgy is just not sustainable.”

David Austin rose Janet

I like where I live, I like the folks I call my friends and neighbors. I enjoy the kindness of strangers and tellers of tales, so I thought I’d share a note from a friend who had her day brighten by stranger and in turn she brightened mine. Hopefully this sweet little story Rondi shared will do the same for yours.

In Rondi’s words…

One of life’s little sunshine moments: I’m doing my usual 3-mile walk back from Vashon town, busy Friday afternoon, lots of traffic on the highway. Ahead of me in the distance, shuffling along on the edge of the tarmac, is an elderly man with a walker. This seems unusual, as if he is determined to exercise, no matter what. It seems like a long hard way for someone like him to get anywhere. I come up next to him and ask if he needs anything, if all is well. He doesn’t seem very strong or particularly well off, financially speaking. Soul-wise, he’s in great shape–because he immediately gives me a big smile, fumbles inside his old vest and pulls out a crumpled packet of chamomile tea. Because, he says, someone like me just needs a present “for being so pretty.

I’m drinking that cup of tea now and spreading the love!

And on a side note, Rondi is a wonderful photographer, writer and greeting card creator.  In fact, Boz, Gracie and my truck grace one of her original cards: Bullish for Biscuits! 

Boz and Gracie Bulldogs Bullish on Biscuits

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