The Life of Pie{18}

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Pie Collage blog

I know, I know; it’s national Pi day, not Pie day.  And while I feign to understand the mystery of 3.14159265359 and its importance to the world in which we live, I have no trouble understanding the importance of P-I-E to the world in which I live.  Pie is simply my favorite dessert, especially when crowned with a dollop of ice cream (where applicable).

So in honor of the Pi most of us don’t understand, I will offer up a tribute to the pie we do understand: my favorite crust filled recipes–both pie and pie-like.  Oh and my apologies for posting two days after Pi day, but warm, dry weather waits for no one in the Pacific Northwest so I was outside working in the orchard and on my latest project, a high tunnel hoophouse.

Bon Apetit, pie-lovin’ friends!
Since my hoophouse isn’t going to build itself, I’m headed out to the garden.  Here are a couple fine links to acquaint you with high tunnels and their function in extending the growing season. (I’ll post photos and laments of achy body parts and bad backs, later.)

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