Summertime and the Pittin’ is Easy: A Better Way to Pit Cherries{25}

An inexpensive tool and better way to pit cherries

Did you know that Washington state grows more cherries than any other state? Yep, this is the time of the year when the streets of the Northwest are paved with pitsย  and 747 cargo jets at Sea-Tac airportย  span the globe to deliver 20-30 million pounds of fresh sweet cherries. Cherry pit-spitting is a valued seasonal art form, foodies brandish emergency juice bibs and fingertips have never looked finer wearing the color purple.

A better way to pit cherries!

I’m no different; I gorge on cherries without regret, satisfied only when I’m convinced peach season has commenced. And because I like to cook with sweet cherries, I’m always looking for a better cherry stoner, the nifty little machine (and not woozy dude) that separates the pits from the flesh in an accurate and expedient fashion. Most pit-removing gadgets do little to dislodge the cherry seed and a whole lot to stain your clothes. Recently, I found my favorite new cherry pitter at our local island thrift shop. My latest find stands out as the best solution for under $20 (when new). In my humble cherry pitting opinion the Norpro Deluxe Cherry Stoner with Clamp (links to product summary) is the best I’ve used.ย  If you can or freeze cheeries, I believe this little plastic seed popper will change your life for the better.

Here’s my video attempt at showing you how it works. Spielberg has nothing to worry about, and I promise the next video will be better. Friends commented and offered the following directorial advice while holding back (or not) the laughter: “Your head is huge,” “It made me slightly nauseous from the quick movement during filming,” and “Could you have used a nice tray?” These are points all well taken and to be remedied in my next video.

Cherries are in season…let the pitting begin!

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