Growing Tomatoes: Tips, Pics & Tom’s Two Cents{12}

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List of Tom’s TOP Tomato Picks: Slicer, Salad, Paste, and Cherry

Homegrown tomatoes, there’s nothing quite like them to wake up the palate and slap you with the taste of summer. I’ve compiled all of my favorite posts about this delectable nightshade. Just click on the link below each photo for tips, pics and insights (hopefully) about growing tomatoes in your garden and enjoying them on your plate.

row of newly planted tomato plants

How to Grow Tomatoes When the Plants Are All Legs

tomato supported by trellis wire

How to Make a Tomato Trellis (A Cagey Alternative)

tomato suckers: don’t pinch ‘em

Tomato Plants: Leave the Little Suckers Alone


stem of cherry tomatoesSnip It: The Best Way to Pick Cherry Tomatoes


How Not to Make Ketchup


best savory ketchup blue ribbon winner

How to Make Ketchup & Blue Ribbon Redemption



Green Tomatoes: I’ll Tell You What to Do With Them


The BLT: Assembly (and a Little Driving) Required