How I Can Tell Summer’s Almost Here{20}

Not so fast, this was last summer.

I don’t need a calendar to tell me summer is fast approaching. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the signs are everywhere: the mercury is tipping 60 degrees Fahrenheit; I’m donning cotton sweaters instead of wool; and my tomato plants are beginning to bend their stems toward the sky. Yes siree, as a keen observer and gifted guru of reasoning, I know the harbingers of summers when I see them. Here are a few more from my corner of the world.

growing asparagus1. After applying a truckload of manure, mulching with a bale or two of straw and weeding regularly, I have one spear of asparagus ready to harvest and cook. (Chew slowly, Tom, chew very slowly.) frozen food in ziploc bags2. Opening the freezer door, last summer’s bounty has one serving to go: halibut, squash and blackberries (one bag each)

3. Canning jars outnumber canned goods.

sleeping bulldogs on the sofa4. Couch Chameleons (subspecies: Sofafuss Camouflageous Vashonia) awaken from their uninterrupted and lengthy winter hibernation to migrate to warmer environs, namely porches, decks, driveways and lawns.

5. The inside temperature begins to match the outside temperature. (Please note, this can also be true during power outages.)

6. The promise of warmer days brings out the barber in me. Thankfully, this year I sought help from trained professionals.

I’m ready summer; bring it on!