Snow Falling on Cedars and Everything Else{20}

Vashon Island's first snow of the year

My madrona branch fence flocked in winter white

Snow is a welcomed albeit rare visitor to Vashon. When an arctic blast ushers in a snowy blanket and enveloping hush, the island is transformed, as if the snowflakes absorb both sound and the presence of haste.

cabin in the snow

The roads are empty, the chimneys reveal the warmth within and the distant chuckles of children at play suggest all is right with the world.

northwest winter wonderland

The holly dons its holiday finery, the cabin oozes cozy, the fountain fights the freeze and the front porch bullies in snow-capped capes welcome guests at any hour.

snow covered ferns and magnolia and locust trees

So let it snow, let it snow, for the magic of winter melts all too quickly on these island shores.