Farm to Photo: My First Photography Show{27}

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On the first Friday of each month, Vashon folk and a carload or two of intrepid off-islanders descend upon our small town to take in the latest art offerings. And this month, my friend Natalie, owner of Cafe Luna, was kind enough to grant me a wall or two in her establishment for a photography show. Was the Vashon art world abuzz? Did the viewing lines reach around the block? Were critics tearing up (in a good way) over the composition, color and subject matter? Did the Seattle Art Museum pick up a few pieces for their permanent collection? Uh, well no, but let me just say, I live on small island and all attendees were kind and supportive.  And even more importantly, I had fun. Selling four out of seven on the first night, didn’t hurt either. A big thanks to all dropped by online and off.

My theme was farm to photo, which I explain below. (Cue the hoedown music.)

"Wence It Came..." photography show

“Wence It Came…”

Artist’s Statement

Drawn to color, light and bright shiny things, Tom asserts he may have been a crow in an earlier life.  Add to that his interest in gardening and farming, and his penchant for cooking, and you have the basis for his photography.

Especially inspired by things that look good enough to eat, Tom takes a look at what he grows, bakes and makes, and shares the visual harvest and meal with the viewer. He sees the farm stand as a veritable art gallery, and the kitchen counter as a canvas with which to create.

Simple delights abound in the garden, on the plate, and most often from the heart. According to Tom, “Beauty is easy to find, especially when you take time to look up.”

One man, two dogs, four acres, an old farmhouse, countless projects and a desire to grow, cook and share great food, that’s Tom’s world.

So if you happen to be on Vashon Island in October, drop by Cafe Luna, order a tall drip or green tea, and check out my photography. (No waiting…at this time.)

Nice weave - photography show

Tasty, but absent, “Nice weave” didn’t make the show as I ran out of frames.

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