Room Makeover: Sleeping Porch to Orderly Office{25}

upstairs office porch

Room with a view, and a lot less clutter

Confession: I’m no neatnik. Oh, you guessed as much?  Dang. I apparently posted one too many photographs exposing my penchant for clutter and collecting. Now that things are out in the open (piled, stacked, strewn and amassed in the open) I will share with you my recent effort to restore order to the porch. Once used to board seasonal farm workers, the enclosed porch now hosts more sedentary guests like old tax returns, boxes, filing cabinets and tattered books.

Impetus for Change

Two years ago, I remodeled my breakfast nook from the worst room in the house to one of the best. With help from my friend Jon, we upgraded the walls, floor, ceiling and window casements, creating a dreamy garden-room nook with four lead-came windows framing the garden,  capturing the light, and welcoming the visitor and host alike.  In the winter months and on rainy days, the room is my refuge.

kitchen nook clean out

Time for a change: one room, two personalities

Each morning, I brew a pot of coffee, turn on the laptop, feed Boz and wait for Gracie and daylight to enter the room.  Trouble was, as a dual purpose dining nook and office, the space suffered from a split personality. Stacked plates on stacked seed catalogs were just waiting for gravity’s pull to topple the tower onto a laptop keyboard below. When friends would drop by, I’d push the clutter around to expose a landing spot for their coffee cup. Finally I had had enough. It was time to move my office upstairs, and save the nook for coffee breaks, dinner time and begging bulldogs.

office remodel before and after

Before and after: spiffing up an underused space

home office remodel

I was up to the challenge of boxing up books, removing clutter, and prepping for paint.

I decided to paint the walls a warm white, and the ceiling a brash blue, the kind you see on an unapologetically bright sunny summer day. I completed my day-at-the-beach look with floor paint stealing its color from beach sand, South Carolina beach sand.

painting walls floor remodel office

It’s amazing what fresh paint can do to a room and your outlook.

upstairs office makeover

Goal one: creating a room I want to work in.

Step by Step Room Makeover

  • Move everything out of the room
  • Vacuum all surfaces
  • Scrub walls and allow to thoroughly dry
  • Prime walls and ceiling
  • No primer on the floor
  • Paint ceiling first
    • True Value paint, satin finish
    • color: holiday dress (blue)
    • three coats
  • Paint walls and trim
    • Behr paint, satin finish
    • color: fragrant jasmine (white)
    • two coats
  • Paint floor
    • True Value, floor and porch paint
    • color: coral shell (tan)
    • four coats
  • Paint light fixture base
    • Rustoleum, satin
    • white
  • Add glass globe
    • milk glass
    • pendant style, hanging by three chains
    • circa 1910
  • Furnish
    • small vintage table
    • hang curtains with Ikea hardware
    • Ikea cabinet for papers/supplies
    • small rug
  • Costs
room makeover new office

Where the magic happens (hopefully) 😉

Settling In to My New Office

Facing north, my new office is a clean workspace with inviting light and a bucolic view. I’m getting used to the small table and limited storage space, keeping what’s good, and eliminating the bad and the ugly, all while embracing my new mantra (at least for this room) that less is more. And while I’m pleased with my room makeover, there still is one problem. What do I do with all the stuff that came out of the room and is now in my hallway, bedroom and guest room?

Ah, baby steps, Tom, baby steps.